Shahzia Sikander presents a group of works from the Tang Teaching Museum collection and on loan from the artist on the Tang’s mezzanine and second-floor bridge. Sikander, an internationally acclaimed Pakistani-born artist and MacArthur Fellow, studied the techniques of Persian and Mughal miniature painting as an undergraduate at the National College of Arts in Lahore, before coming to the U.S. and attending the Rhode Island School of Art and Design, where she received an MFA. In her artistic practice she has taken traditional miniature forms and techniques and imbued them with personal content and global history to deconstruct cultural and political boundaries, including that of Hinduism and Islam, East and West, and the tension between traditional form and contemporary experience.
Her experimentation and disruption of historical Indo-Persian painting styles results in a hybrid of cultural iconographies and works dense with multivalent imagery and concepts. Sikander works in numerous media, including miniature painting and watercolor, large wall murals, installation, prints, digital animation, and performance. Shahzia Sikander is presented in conjunction with the exhibition Realms of Earth and Sky: Indian Miniatures from the Fifteenth to the Nineteenth Century.
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