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Staff Contacts

Ian Berry
Dayton Director, Professor of Liberal Arts
Isolde Brielmaier
Jeanne Eddy
Visitor Services and Events Manager
Jean Egger
Ginger Ertz
Museum Educator for K-12 and Community Programs
Torrance Fish
Head of Installations and Building Manager
Sean Fuller
Museum Store and Publications Manager
Michael Janairo
Assistant Director for Engagement
Elizabeth Karp
Head Registrar and Collections Manager
Annelise Kelly
Online Content Assistant
Jessica Lubniewski
Assistant Registrar for Collections
Rebecca McNamara
Mellon Collections Curator
Sarah Miller
Curatorial Assistant
Rachel Seligman
Assistant Director for Curatorial Affairs
Patti Sopp
Assistant Director of Finance and Administration
Kelly Ward
Assistant to the Director, NAC Liaison
Tom Yoshikami
Museum Educator for College and Public Programs
Cynthia Zellner
Senior Preparator and Assistant Building Manager
Gallery Monitors
Student Employees
Julia Adelman
Education Intern K-12, Education Assistant K-12
Alexandria Armstrong
Student Advisory Council
Claire Bernson
Education Assistant for College and Public Programs, Tang Guide, Student Advisory Council, Exhibitions Assistant
Megan Boyle
Tang Guide, Student Advisory Council
Cameron Campbell
Tang Guide
May Cohan
Exhibitions Assistant
Dakota Cohen
Collections Assistant
Emily Cooper
Gallery Monitor
Rosa Desmond
Museum Intern
Savan DeSouza
Gallery Monitor Associate
Morgan Fechter
Tang Guide
Emma Fritschel
Student Advisory Council
Sanjana Gothi
The Eleanor Linder Winter ’43 Endowed Intern, Student Advisory Council
Sarah Greene
Student Advisory Council
Allison Gretchko
Student Advisory Council
Serena Hildebrandt
Tang Guide, Student Advisory Council
Mirannda Holmes
Student Advisory Council
Monica Horowitz
Education Assistant K-12
Samantha Hutchinson
Student Advisory Council
Jonah Jablons
Collections Assistant, Exhibition Intern
Dayna Joseph
Exhibitions Intern, Student Advisory Council
Kira Lee-Mundschau
Tang Guide, Student Advisory Council
Molly Lockwood
Gallery Monitor Associate, Tang Guide
Max LoSardo
Tang Guide
Laila Morgan
The Carole Marchand '57 Endowed Intern, Student Advisory Council
Elise Mumford
Tang Guide
Evian Pan
Collections Assistant, The Carole Marchand '57 Endowed Intern, Tang Guide
Julia Poorvu
Education Assistant K-12, Student Advisory Council
Ellie Rochman
Education Intern College and Public Programs, Tang Guide, Gallery Monitor Associate
Merritt Rosen
Student Advisory Council
Aliza Sabin
Gallery Monitor Associate
E.B. Sciales
Tang Guide
Olivia Sessions
Gallery Monitor Associate
Adam Simon
Student Advisory Council
Julia Slaff
Gallery Monitor Associate
Kaitlyn Spina
Exhibitions Assistant, Collections Assistant
Emily Stone
Student Advisory Council, Collections Assistant, Gallery Monitor Associate
Madeleine Welsch
Design and Digital Content Assistant, Digital Imaging Assistant
Jingling Zhang
Education Assistant K-12
Goa Zhu
Museum Store Associate, Student Advisory Council
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