Day With(out) Art

stacks of postcards with red ribbons pinned to their corners. There is a hand reaching into the frame from the upper right

The Tang Student Advisory Council invites visitors on Sunday, December 1, to pick up a specially designed postcard and a red ribbon to wear to help honor artist Frank Moore, who died of AIDS-related causes in 2002, and to generate awareness to the ongoing HIV/AIDS epidemic.

The event is part of the national awareness campaign Day With(out) Art.

In 1989, Visual AIDS, an arts organization founded the year prior and still active today, declared December 1 as “Day Without Art” to raise awareness and create dialogue around AIDS. This campaign encouraged art institutions to shroud the artwork they exhibit and replace it with information on HIV and safe-sex practices, among other activities aimed to raise awareness around HIV and celebrate artists and friends who were lost to AIDS.

Frank Moore was a founding member of Visual AIDS. After his HIV+ diagnosis in 1987, Frank Moore’s work became increasingly concerned with issues around AIDS, homosexuality, bioethics, and environmental degradation. In 1991, he was instrumental in launching the organization’s Red Ribbon Project, which has since become a global symbol of AIDS awareness.

This year, to celebrate Day With(out) Art, the Tang’s Student Advisory Council invites you to reflect on the artists that have been lost to AIDS, the work that they never had the opportunity to create, and consider the communities it has devastated the most.

Moore’s earlier work includes a 1980s collaboration with choreographer Jim Self to create Beehive, a film and stage production. Beehive is on view, along with Moore’s sketches of set, costume, and poster designs, in the exhibition Beauty & Bite through January 19, 2020.

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