Tang Party 2021

Silhouettes of students in front of a video projected on the side of a building at dusk.
Tang Party, Tang Teaching Museum, April 30, 2021, photo by Cindy Schultz

Join us in person on Friday, April 30, from 8-11 PM, for the annual Tang Party, a celebration of the funkiest and most innovative student creativity at Skidmore. Students from across disciplines create immersive and interactive installations, and put on performances on the grounds surrounding the Tang. This year’s event will feature sound art, documentary film, textile installations, and more.

This in-person event is open only to Skidmore students, faculty, and staff, and has a limited capacity. Safety measures, including strict six-foot social distancing and mask wearing, will be enforced.

Reservations are required for an hour-long time slot. As of 4/28, all slots have been reserved. Please be on the lookout for next year’s Tang Party!

Presenting Artists:
Ben Bauman ’21
Nathan Bloom ’21
Kathryn Brodie ’21
Roman Cohen ’22
Jane Cole ’22
Elizabeth Cumbo ’22
Jade Eisner ’21
Finn Gardner-Pushak ’23
Sone Kramer ’22
Karen Kwok ’23
Elijah McKee ’21
Esther Pronovost ’21
Tatsu Rivera ’22
Olivia Rosenblum ’22
Elenya Scarbro ’21
Sanjna Selvarajan ’21
Peris Tushabe ’21
Chloe Walker ’21

Anchor name: Photos
Pattern by Nathan Bloom ’21
Inspired by the performance Honey Baby in the exhibition Janine Antoni & Stephen Petronio: Entangle
The Tang Pattern Project celebrates the Museum’s 20th anniversary. Organized by Head of Design Jean Tschanz-Egger, past and current Tang Design Interns created patterns inspired by the Museum’s exhibition and event history.