Framing the Flesh: birth/rebirth (2023)

Birth rebirth still
Still image from birth/rebirth (Laura Moss, USA, 2023, 101 min., digital), courtesy of IFC Films

Join us Thursday, April 18, at 6 pm, for a screening of Laura Moss’s birth/rebirth (US, 2023, 101 min., digital), a modern, feminist take on the classic Frankenstein story. This screening concludes the Framing the Flesh series, organized by Piper Ingels ’24, which explores our fascination with and revulsion to the fantasies of unconventional bodily alterations.

About birth/rebirth (2023)

A reimagining of Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein, Laura Moss’s directorial debut offers a contemporary perspective, becoming a thrilling, chilling, and entirely fresh experience as it delves into the themes of motherhood and creation. Marin Ireland takes on the role of a pathologist fixated on reanimating the dead. She establishes an unexpected bond with a maternity nurse, and the two women enter a dark path that forces them to confront how far they are willing to go to protect what they hold most dear.

This film contains material of a highly sensitive nature including language, nudity, violence, gore, and disturbing content.

Framing the Flesh

Framing the Flesh is a four-film series that explores our fascination with and revulsion to the fantasies of unconventional bodily alterations. The films meet at the intersection of pain and gratification linked to body modifications, cyborg enhancements, and plastic surgery, examining how these practices serve as sources of stimulation, empowerment, and avenues for sexual satisfaction.

Framing the Flesh is organized by Piper Ingels ’24, as the capstone project for her 2023-24 Meg Reitman Jacobs ’63 Endowed Internship. The series is programmed in conjunction with the student-curated exhibition Abject Anatomy, on view at the Tang from February 9 through April 21, 2024.

Framing the Flesh Screenings

birth/rebirth trailer
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