K-Pop Dance Performance!

Students pose in a line while swaying their hips in a large space with white walls.
Zoe Dec, Davin Arzu, Aminah Hopewell, Meredith Mobyed, Chime Yangtso, Caroline Liakeas, Deidri-Ann Mckenzie, K-Pop Dance Performance, Tang Teaching Museum, April 17, 2024, photo by Megan Mumford

Join us Wednesday, April 17, at 4:30 pm, for a short K-Pop dance performance and celebration. Students in Visiting Artist-in-Residence Chia-Ying Kao’s Dance 317: K-Pop II course will perform as part of their semester’s final work.

Student Presenters:

Davin Arzu ’27
Annika Bergofin ’24
Blythe Bracken ’24
Jared Cheng ’27
Zoe Dec ’25
Shun Duan ’24
Ella Ford ’26
Aminah Hopewell ’26
Daniel Huh ’26
Caroline Liakeas ’25
Hannah Liscord ’24
Sandra Martinez ’24
Madison Mason ’24
Deidri-Ann ’26
Meredith Mobbed ’26
Nayah Reagans ’26
Yiru Tu ’24
Chime Yangtso ’27

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