Festosium Day 2

Schedule for Festosium Day 2

June 11, 2016

10:00 am: Engagement with Borrowed Light exhibition: Doc photography talk led by Sarah Miller and Sarah Sweeney

11:00 am: Panel Discussion: Virtual Realities

  • Marc Beaudet, founder and director of Turbulent.ca and Loïc Suty, director of the design team on The Unknown Photographer discuss the creation of research-based virtual realities. Their latest work, their latest work The Unknown Photographer began with a WWI photo album that inspired a documentary film and 20-min virtual reality experience.

2:00 pm: Audio Presentation & Discussion: The Evolution of Movies in Our Heads

  • Ann Heppermann will lead Kaitlin Prest in a discussion about the evolution of her award-winning audio piece Movies in Your Head. The piece is the story about a woman who falls fast in love and begins to imagine the future she will have with her new girlfriend. When things fall apart, she then questions whether every kiss, utterance and conversation was real or imagined. The piece started off as a documentary—more than 20 people were interviewed and a rough documentary was cut. But for Prest, the rough documentary felt less true than the story she felt she could tell in fiction.

4:00 pm: Panel Discussion: Crossing Borders: Exploring the Chimeric Paradox of the Real in Documentary Film with Nicolas Pereda, Maxim Pozdorovkin, Jeff Silva and Stephanie Spray

6:00 pm: Reception

7:00 pm: Screening & Discussion: Summer of Goliath (78 min) by Nicolas Pereda

Festosium ™ (n). A gathering that combines the best elements of a festival to showcase and a symposium to bring together a small group of scholars and artists to engage with intellectual and creative work.

MDOCS’ inaugural festosium will be held June 9-12, 2016, with filmmakers, audio creators, visual artists, and virtual reality designers presenting recent documentary work that interrogates the division between fact and fiction, truth and reality.

All events are hosted at the Frances Young Tang Teaching Museum on the Skidmore College campus. Everything is free and open to the public.

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