MDOCS Storytellers’ Institute Festosium: Resting Place: observing the cemetery

Still from the work-in-progress Here After

Join us for a screening of work-in-progress Here After, a feature documentary by Sarah Friedland and Esy Casey, which looks deeply into three stories of three cemeteries in the U. S. told through the wit and wisdom of those who memorialize the loved ones of others. Jim Hutslar is the caretaker of Miami’s Neptune Memorial Reef, the Atlantis of cremains. Jen Johnson manages upstate New York’s Greensprings Natural Cemetery Preserve, an eco-burial site. Dr. Lori Baker is the forensic anthropologist currently exhuming a mass grave of undocumented immigrants in Falfurrias, Texas for the purpose of identifying and repatriating the remains. Here After interweaves these three vignettes to tie together intimate, quirky, and vulnerable moments in the memorialization process to reflect on the social and ecological implications of our last mark on earth.

The screening is free and open to the public and will be followed by a 10:00 PM reception on the Tang Rooftop.

This event is organized by the John B. Moore Documentary Studies Collaborative (MDOCS) at Skidmore College as part of its second annual Storytellers’ Institute’s Festosium. This year documentary makers who explore the theme of Space and Place through film, sound, interactive media, museum curation, scholarship, etc. connect with Skidmore and community members during the weekend-long event. Join an international group of storytellers to explore these questions in events including film screenings, audio experiences, dialogues, and star gazing. Visit MDCOS website for more information on all of the events taking place at various locations on Skidmore campus from June 8-12, 2017.

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