Whole Grain: Ruckus Shorts—The short films of Red Grooms

Still from Fat Feet, 1966, by Red Grooms

Join us on Thursday, October 11, at 6:00 PM, for a screening of four short films by artist Red Grooms, whose work is featured in 3-D Doings: The Imagist Object in Chicago Art, 1964-1980.

  • Shoot the Moon (1962, US, 24 min., 16 mm) “Beautiful, funky, and handmade,” is how Red Grooms described the work of early cinema pioneer George Méliès, and apt description of Shoot the Moon, an homage to Méliès. The film follows a group of elite alchemists in their quest to travel to the moon. It is a mystical trip through time and space that is reminiscent of live theater and magic shows, and offers a funky spin on traditional silent films.

  • Fat Feet (1966, US, 19 min., 16 mm) Described by Grooms as a “a city symphony, with living comic strip characters and sound,” Fat Feet gives its audience access to a hand-painted world of humor and foley effects. Fat Feet was written by Red Grooms and Mimi Gross, who is featured in the film as one of the actors living and interacting with a fantastical, two-dimensional world.

  • Ruckus Shorts (1966, US, 4.5 min, 16 mm) “A stable full of ruckus films to shorten your program. Including: Washington’s Wig Whammed, Before An After, The Big Sneeze, Man Or Mouse, Spaghetti Trouble” – Red Grooms.

  • Hippodrome Hardware (1973, US, 43 min., 16 mm) Based on a performance piece presided over by the antic Mr. Ruckus (played by Red Grooms), the film features a crew of klutzy carpenters whose job is to build a house for Mr. Ruckus’ witchy mother. Combining live action and animation, it is a unique blending of the beautiful and the vulgar, the innocent and the sharp-edged. (Description adapted from The American Federation of the Arts.)

This program is part of our series Whole Grain: Experiments in Film and Video and held in conjunction with the exhibition 3-D Doings: The Imagist Object in Chicago Art, 1964-1980, on view at the Tang through January 6, 2019.

About Whole Grain

The Tang Teaching Museum’s series Whole Grain explores classic and contemporary work in experimental film and video. Whole Grain is programmed by Educator for College and Public Programs, Tom Yoshikami. All events are free and open to the public.

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