Collection Artwork
2013 10 pr w01
Carrie Moyer (born 1960)
Shady Construct
acrylic, glitter on canvas
50 x 40 in.
Gift of the artist

Object Label

Carrie Moyer’s seductively colorful and complex works involve unusual methods of painting, including pouring, rolling, mopping, and stippling, and incorporate non-traditional and distinctly feminine materials such as glitter. Influenced by her experiences as a feminist and LGBTQ activist, Carrie Moyer reassesses traditional methods in order to develop a pictorial language of biomorphic forms, texture, and abstraction that embraces concepts of history, feminism, and political activism. By rejecting hierarchies and creating associations across time, media, and ideologies, she breaks down the barriers of what is considered to be a particularly masculine medium.

From the exhibition: Dismantling the House (August 21 – October 18, 2015)

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