Collection Artwork
Four girls contort their bodies in different positions on a sheet with blue and red dots. The words “Twister” are written in red font on the left and right corners.
Laurel Nakadate (born Austin, Texas, 1975)
Twister [from The Seven Sisters Schools]
chromogenic print
image size: 24 x 30 in.
frame size: 25 3/8 x 31 1/8 x 1 7/8 in.
Donated in memory of Meredith S. Moody
Massachusetts, United States, North America

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Tang Collective Catalog

Four figures contort and integrate closely on a Twister board.
It has been one month since colleges and universities across the United States have come to a halt, yet I find myself nostalgic looking at this image.⁠
The image is from one of the Seven Sister Schools, a community of colleges.⁠
Despite faces obscured, their intimacy remains clear. Impossible poses render the element of play central. Looking, I account my own impossible rites with my peers. The reel seems endless.⁠
I ask: from a moment in isolation to an image of physical closeness so natural and known: how can we practice intimacy from afar?⁠
We can do a lot when six feet becomes all too much.⁠
On April 9, I sent a letter to my friend.⁠
On an 8 x 11 in. sheet I placed the four by six rows in green, red, yellow, and blue.⁠
Next, I folded the paper into segments of three. I attached a note, “left arm green."⁠
I drew my hand on one of the spots.⁠
A letter in an envelope one in the same as to two bodies only a heartbeat away.

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