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2017 17 141 pr w01
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2017 17 141 pr w01
2017 17 141 pr d01
Trina Robbins (born Brooklyn, New York, 1938)
Wimmen's Comix, issue 5 (International)
staple-bound comic book
Terry Richards (born United States, 1948)
Becky Wilson (born 1953)
Peti Buchel (born Nijmegen, The Netherlands, 1946)
Joyce Farmer Sutton (born Los Angeles, California, 1938)
Cathy Millet (born Calais, France, 1952)
Melinda Gebbie (born San Francisco, California, 1937)
Shelby Sampson
Sharon Rudahl (born Arlington, Virginia, 1947)
Barb Brown (born Ferndale, Michigan)
Dot Bucher (born United States)
Pat Daley
Lyn Joy Kroeger
Lee Marrs (born United States, 1945)
10 x 7 in.
Acquisition made possible through a gift of the Steven Leiber Trust (Mitchell Leiber, David Leiber, Elen Markopoulos, Paul Leiber, and Eleanor Cutler)
published in San Francisco, California, United States, North America

Ongoing Research

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