Dance—the rhythmic movement of bodies in space—can express a rich variety of ideas and emotions. Dance exists around the world and is present in ancient histories through to the present moment.
Explore collection stories—texts, videos, and creative responses from faculty, students, artists, scholars, and curators to works in the Tang collection.
Students in Assistant Professor of Dance Jason Ohlberg’s “DA 335: Dance and Society II” course participated in a close-looking exercise with dance photographs from the Tang collection.
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After a few minutes of looking at all photographs, each student selected an image that resonated with them. They then spent 5–10 minutes looking at and examining the image, followed by 5 minutes of writing their observations. Students repeated this process three times and then came together as a class to discuss the exercise and their findings. This temporal exercise teaches students that detailed information takes time to perceive, that perception is a skill that can be developed through structured activity, and that images can serve as primary documents, providing researchers with clues and valuable information about their subjects.
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