With associations of discovery, recognition, and perception, found is a powerful word suggesting that a thing lost has been regained, or a new possibility has been revealed. Here, collectors create new meaning for lost or discarded objects while artists incorporate such materials into their art making—all revealing the vast potential for complex and fundamental human truths inherent in what is lost or overlooked.
Explore collection stories—texts, videos, and creative responses from faculty, students, artists, scholars, and curators to works in the Tang collection.
Associate Professor of Art Sarah Sweeney’s class “Picturing Time,” which considers time as subject and medium, held a discussion around photographs from the Tang collection.
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Throughout the semester, students read and wrote about related concepts such as past and future, duration, stopped time, and simultaneity, among others, and made art using time-based media. At the Tang the class examined photographs and discussed how the invention of photography shaped the perception of time.
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