Sound is a vibration that moves in waves through the air, solids, and liquids. We can perceive these vibrations by hearing, feeling, or even seeing the vibrations – like the way very loud bass sounds can cause a window pane to tremble. We might think of most of visual art as being audibly silent, but there are many visual artworks that evoke or employ sound in powerful ways. Here are artists who use sound as a primary medium, artists who evoke sound or music in their work, and musicians who respond to visual art through sound.

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Explore collection stories—texts, videos, and creative responses from faculty, students, artists, scholars, and curators to works in the Tang collection.

Elevator Music

The Tang’s Elevator Music series activates the museum’s elevator and engages artists across the visual and performing arts to create immersive, sound-based installations. Click the images below to explore installations from this series.
In Adam Tinkle’s class “Black Studies, Sound, and Technology,” students worked collaboratively with material from the Sun Ra archive to curate the exhibition Art Forms of Dimensions Tomorrow: Sound, Black Study, and the Multidisciplinary Artist.
Tang Collective Catalogs are short written responses from a multiplicity of voices responding to objects in the Tang Teaching Museum collection.

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