Print Study Room: The Artist Interview

“The Artist Interview” AHDS 324
with Dayton Director and Professor of Liberal Arts Ian Berry

This course explores oral histories as a form of original art historical research and offers students the opportunity to lead interviews with guest artists. Aspects of biography, process, materials and meanings will be discussed. What happens to an artwork’s meaning once it leaves the studio? How do viewers influence and create an artwork’s meaning? Students research artists and artworks in teams and prepare questions for the artists. Artist interviews are recorded, edited and added to the Museum’s archive.

Pandemic and Protest: Responses to Now

A three-week section called Pandemic and Protest: Responses to Now will begin the fall 2020 course. Each class explores artwork made during the pandemic and focuses on new acquisitions and commissions by the Tang Museum.

September 2
Pandemic and Protest: Responses to Now Part I
Interview with artist Isaac Scott

September 9
Pandemic and Protest: Responses to Now Part II
Interview with artist Danielle St. Laurent

September 16
Pandemic and Protest: Responses to Now Part III
Interview with artists Nicole Cherubini and Laleh Khorramian

Anchor name: Isaac Scott
Anchor name: St Laurent

Never Done Artist Conversations

Nine weeks of student-led interviews with women artists—all included in the exhibition Never Done: 100 Years of Women in Politics and Beyond.

September 23
Interview 1 with artist Stephanie Syjuco
Aki Davis ’23 and Evan Little ’22

September 30
Interview 2 with artist Alisa Sikelianos-Carter
Naima Nigh ’23 and Maria Staack ’22

October 7
Interview 3 with artist Diane Burko
Taylor Jaskula ’21 and Ciara McDonald ’23

October 14
Interview 4 with artist Sonya Clark
Jane Cole ’21 and Lily Warshaw ’21

October 21
Interview 5 with artist Saya Woolfalk
Paige Meade ’22 and Chloe Walker ’21

October 28
Interview 6 with artist Barbara Takenaga
Malchijah Hoskins ’22 and Reva Preven ’21

November 4
Interview 7 with artist Rina Banerjee
Sofie Benson ’22 and Nathan Bloom ’21

November 11
Interview 8 with artist Marie Watt
Lydia Doban ’21 and Renaldo Payne ’22

November 18
Interview 9 with artist Tschabalala Self
Malchijah Hoskins ’22 and KeAnna Nelson ’22

Anchor name: Stephanie Syjuco
Anchor name: Alisa Sikelianos Carter
Anchor name: Diane Burko
Anchor name: Sonya Clark
Anchor name: Saya Woolfalk
Anchor name: Barbara Takenaga
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