The Extra Credit

This art-making project is inspired by a recent extra credit assignment from Professor Catherine Hill’s MB240 class, in which she asked students to re-create art from the Tang collection.

What does “extra credit” mean for you? If you include your home mailing address with your submission, we will send you a Tang Opener catalogue!


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A drawing of a man with one arm raised and one arm lowered, holding a ball in each hand, beside a re-creation of the image.
Frank Moore’s drawing for “Panoramagram” (Ball Passing) by Charles Moulton, c. 1990-1991, pigment and graphite on paper, 14 x 11 inches, Gift of the Gesso Foundation, 2016.20.46 re-created by Gioncarlo Valentine (Visting Storytellers’ Fellow) and Tianyu Shi (Skidmore Storytellers’ Fellow ‘20)
A drawing of a person in a cactus costume with their arms raised, beside a re-created image featuring superimposed images of people with plants.
Frank Moore’s drawing for “Beehive” by Frank Moore and Jim Self, c. 1984-1985, marker on paper, 15 x 24 inches, Gift of the Gesso Foundation, 2016.20.119 re-created by Sarah Friedland (Storytellers’ Institute Director) and Keshawn Truesdale (Skidmore Storytellers’ Fellow ‘21)
A black and white photograph featuring a couple, with the partially laying on a table, beside two photos which re-create the original image.
Duane Michals’ Ernestine & Danny Maffia, 1968, gelatin silver print, 8 x 10 inches, The Jack Shear Collection of Photography at the Tang Teaching Museum, 2015.1.371 re-created by Courtney Surmanek (Visting Storytellers’ Fellow) and Haley Hnatuk (Visiting Student Storytellers’ Fellow)
A series of nine black and white portrait photographs on a white background, next to a re-creation featuring eight images.
Joachim Schmid’s Archiv #546, 1993, collage on paper, 15 ¾ x 19 ¾ inches, Gift of the artist, 2016.22.1.343 re-created by Shalon Buskirk (Visting Storytellers’ Fellow) and Shana Kleiner (Skidmore Storytellers’ Fellow ‘20)
A collaged image of a young girl in profile with her hand in a boxing glove beside a re-creation depicting a similar figure.
Deborah Roberts’ Glass Castles, 2017, mixed media on paper, 30 x 22 inches, Purchased with generous funding from Ann Schapps Schaffer ’62 and Melvyn S. Schaffer, 2017.52 re-created by Daesha Devon Harris (artist and Storytellers’ Visiting Fellow) and Olivia Arthen (Skidmore Storytellers’ Fellow ‘21)
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