Machine Project — The Platinum Collection (Live by Special Request)

The Platinum Collection is a mid-career retrospective of Machine Project, an organization bringing together thinkers, doers, and artists. Started in 2003, Machine Project is lead by Mark Allen, and located in Los Angeles. This exhibition reflects the scope of Machine Project’s ongoing artistic practice. It combines videos, posters, and dioramas documenting past Machine Project events; newly commissioned live performances; occasional phone calls from poets; a poetry listening transportation system (i.e. the Tang’s elevator); Machine’s theatre, which has been teleported into the Museum for the duration of the show; and Machine’s director Mark Allen, who has also been teleported into the Museum for the duration of the show — look for him in his “storefront” office and say hello.
Simultaneous with and within the exhibition is the creation of the catalogue Machine Project — The Platinum Collection. This book is being conceptualized, written, and designed during the exhibition, perhaps even as you read this text, with evidence continually posted to the West Wall of the Malloy Gallery in the form of an evolving series of images, plans, drawings, texts, diagrams, and essays.
Exhibition Name
Machine Project — The Platinum Collection (Live by Special Request)
Exhibition Type
Solo Exhibitions
Malloy Wing
Sep 19, 2015 - Jan 3, 2016
Machine Project — The Platinum Collection (Live by Special Request) is organized by Rachel Seligman, Assistant Director for Curatorial Affairs, in collaboration with Machine Project.
Mark Allen, Kamau Amu Patton, Joshua Beckman, Carmina Escobar, Asher Hartman, Cliff Hengst, Chris Kallmyer, Dawn Kasper, Krystal Krunch, Haruko Tanaka, Hana van der Kolk
Student Staff
May Cohan
Exhibitions Assistant
Max Seiler
Exhibitions Assistant, Collections Assistant, Digital Media Assistant, Education Assistant for College and Public Programs
Claire Bernson
Education Assistant for College and Public Programs, Tang Guide, Student Advisory Council, Exhibitions Assistant
Maggie McEachern
Exhibitions Assistant
Ayelen Pagnanelli
Exhibitions Assistant
Evian Pan
Collections Assistant, The Carole Marchand ‘57 Endowed Intern, Tang Guide
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