Things Remain

A painted chair, a cupboard, a lacy dress, a teacup — such objects of daily life bear witness to the events and interactions that take shape around them, acting as archives of the past. Things Remain brings together works by a select group of contemporary artists who seek to validate this notion, while also raising questions about race, gender, class, and heritage. Each of the pieces on view — three sculptures and a suite of lithographs on felt — combine handcrafted details with a minimalist aesthetic of clean lines, seriality, and industrial surfaces or methods.
This approach relies on a unique blend of intimacy and detachment, systematizing personal nostalgia as a way to reveal larger social and political truths. By illuminating the individual memories and histories embedded in domestic items, the works in Things Remain function as subtle monuments to everyday life.
Exhibition Name
Things Remain
Exhibition Type
Group Exhibitions
State Farm Mezzanine Gallery
May 24, 2008 - Sep 7, 2008
Things Remain is organized by Tang Museum curatorial assistants Kristen Carbone Boyle and Ginny Kollak.
Richard Artschwager, Kate Ericson, Lorna Simpson, Jil Weinstock, Mel Ziegler
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