Elevator Music 10
Atmospherics/Weather Works:
Andrea Polli

Atmospherics/Weather Works is a project that translates data collected from meteorological events into sound. Andrea Polli weaves information from a highly detailed meteorological model of Hurricane Bob, the storm that ravaged coastal areas of the Northeastern United States in August 1991, into a sound composition that illuminates the underlying rhythms of seemingly chaotic events. The turbulent, oscillating composition of deep bass drones and high pitch frequencies was originally created for Engine 27, a gallery in New York that specialized in sound art.
The first version of Atmospherics/Weather Works responded to Engine 27’s unique sixteen-channel sound system; this new edition has been specially remastered for the Tang’s Elevator Music series.
Exhibition Name
Elevator Music 10
Atmospherics/Weather Works:
Andrea Polli
Exhibition Type
Elevator Music Series
Solo Exhibitions
Jul 14, 2007 - Dec 30, 2007
Elevator Music 10 is organized by Patrick O’Rourke, Head Designer and Media Specialist, in collaboration with the artist, Andrea Polli.
Andrea Polli
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