Twice Drawn, Part 2

Twice Drawn returns in a new iteration, revisiting last spring’s eccentric survey of modern and contemporary drawing to explore how context affects our understanding of art. Drawings by more than one hundred artists in a range of styles, including many works seen in the first installation, hang thematically in a radically reconceived presentation. Groupings by traditional genre, such as portraiture, landscape, and abstraction, contrast with clusters organized according to less conventional principles.
For example, drawings created in the years 1968, 1975, 1985, 1993, and 2005 form sets that offer an alternative way to examine relationships among style, contemporaneity, and chronology. Focused solo presentations examine in depth the work of four artists — Lee Lozano, Ed Ruscha, Jim Shaw, and Susan Turcot — each accompanied by texts by Skidmore students. Twice Drawn also marks the debut of a dramatic new wall drawing configured for the Tang’s architecture by Sol LeWitt.
Exhibition Name
Twice Drawn, Part 2
Exhibition Type
Group Exhibitions
Wachenheim Gallery
Oct 7, 2006 - Dec 30, 2006
Twice Drawn, Part 2 is curated by Ian Berry, the Tang Museum’s Susan Rabinowitz Malloy ’45 Curator, and Jack Shear, artist and independent curator.
William Anastasi, Richard Artschwager, Georg Baselitz, Gary Batty, Robert Beck, Nancy Becker, Hans Op De Beeck, Ashley Bickerton, Nayland Blake, Alighiero e Boetti, Lee Bontecou, Jonathan Borofsky, Alex Brown, Ernesto Caivano, Joe Cavallaro, Dawn Clements, Chuck Close, Bruce Conner, Marsha Cottrell, Patricia Cronin, Amy Cutler, Annabel Daou, Jay DeFeo, Steve DiBenedetto, Chris Doyle, Carroll Dunham, David Dupuis, Will Duty, James Esber, Angus Fairhurst, Heidi Fasnacht, Dan Fischer, Julia Fish, Dan Flavin, Suzan Frecon, Tom Friedman, Gego, Robert Jack, Frank Jackson, Yvonne Jacquette, Yun-Fei Ji, Jasper Johns, Ray Johnson, Donald Judd, Alex Katz, Ellsworth Kelly, Tom Knechtel, Jeff Koons, Juul Kraijer, Gary Kuehn, Yayoi Kusama, Blaze Lamper, Matt Leines, Barry Le Va, Sol LeWitt, Roy Lichtenstein, Lee Lozano, Frank Magnotta, Billy Malone, Robert Mangold, Sylvia Plimack Mangold, Brice Marden, Kerry James Marshall, Ruth Marten, Agnes Martin, Yuri Masnyj, Gordon Matta-Clark, Jason Middlebrook, Robert Morris, Aaron Morse, Ree Morton, Lillian Mulero, Elizabeth Murray, Bruce Nauman, Hermann Nitsch, Jim Nutt, Claes Oldenburg, Janet Passehl, Jerry Phillips, Jody Pinto, Arnulf Rainer, Julia Randall, Mia Westerlund Roosen, Alexander Ross, Allen Ruppersberg, Ed Ruscha, Fred Sandback, René Santos, Paul Sattler, Peter Saul, Michelle Segre, Joel Shapiro, Jim Shaw, Ward Shelley, Cary Smith, Robert Smithson, Dean Snyder, John Sonsini, Nancy Spero, Pat Steir, Myron Stout, Sturtevant, Mark Tansey, Paul Thek, Susan Turcot, Richard Tuttle, Cy Twombly, Bernar Venet, Davor Vrankic, John Walker, Kara Walker, Andy Warhol, Robert Whitman, William T. Wiley, Terry Winters, Steve Wolfe, Kevin Wolff, Joseph Yetto, Daniel Zeller, Deborah Zlotsky
Anchor name: Lewitt Timelapse
Sol LeWitt “Wall Drawing #1202 Scribbles: Volumes” Timelapse
Installation of Sol LeWitt’s Wall Drawing #1202 Scribbles: Volumes in the Atrium, Tang Teaching Museum, 2006
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