Elevator Music 6: Pamela Z

Pamela Z is a San Francisco-based composer and performer. For the Tang Museum, she will create a commissioned multi-channel audio installation for the Elevator Music series and combine segments of her new piece with previous works in a scintillating live performance kicking off the Tang’s Fifth Anniversary Fall Reception.

“Like Whitman, Pamela Z contains multitudes: her multimedia works (which she controls with an onstage Powerbook, along with BodySynth technology, which allows her to manipulate sounds with physical gestures) combine real-time sound processing, multitrack layering, text sampling, and video projection.

But at the center of it all is the simple beauty off her classically trained voice - which can give her work an almost medieval purity.“

The New York Times, 2004

Exhibition Name
Elevator Music 6: Pamela Z
Exhibition Type
Elevator Music Series
Solo Exhibitions
Oct 29, 2005 - Jan 30, 2006
Elevator Music 6 is organized by John Weber, Dayton Director, Tang Museum.
Pamela Z
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