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Brushing the Present: Contemporary Academy Painting from China

Brushing the Present: Contemporary Academy Painting from China presented a selection of academic artists’ responses to the cultural changes occurring in contemporary China. These portraits, models, and still lifes included themes of globalization, the Chinese landscape, folk arts and legends, and traditional and new expressions of Buddhism. Some of the pieces reconcile new and traditional Chinese motifs, others blend Western and regional styles, while some forego all conventions. Displayed together, these paintings showcased the spectrum of artwork produced by the professors in China’s universities and academies of fine arts.

Artists in this exhibition included Chen Yingjun, Chen Yupu, Du Chunsheng, Gao Zhonghua, Gu Liming, Han Changli, Hao Haibo, Kong Fantao, Li Chunxia, Li Guangping, Liu Changsheng, Liu Lei, Mao Lin, Shen Ling, Shi Rongqiang, Wang Chunyan, Wei Rong, Xu Zheng, Yang Dawei, Yao Ming, Yao Xianing, Yao Yong, Yue Dong, Zhang Hongbo, Zhang Ping, Zhang Yang, Zou Guanping.

A catalogue is available with essays by Doretta M. Miller and Joan Lebold Cohen.

Exhibition Name
Brushing the Present: Contemporary Academy Painting from China
Exhibition Type
Faculty Curated
Group Exhibitions
Malloy Wing
Oct 18, 2003 - Dec 31, 2003
This exhibition is organized by Skidmore professor Doretta M. Miller, and was a product of Skidmore College’s academic and cultural exchange with China’s Qufu Teacher’s University.
Han Changli, Liu Changsheng, Li Chunxia, Wang Chunyan, Yang Dawei, Yue Dong, Du Chunsheng, Kong Fantao, Li Guangping, Zou Guanping, Hao Haibo, Zhang Hongbo, Liu Lei, Gu Liming, Mao Lin, Shen Ling, Yao Ming, Zhang Ping, Wei Rong, Shi Rongqiang, Yao Xianing, Zhang Yang, Chen Yingjun, Yao Yong, Chen Yupu, Xu Zheng, Gao Zhonghua
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