We Will Control the Vertical

We Will Control the Vertical presents works that complicate notions of identity in contemporary diasporas. Diaspora- a term originally used to describe the dispersal of Jews beyond Israel- is a critical concept in cultural studies that examines the effects of globalization on communities and individuals. Because the diaspora is rooted in a relationship with a historical past, artists draw upon both traditional art-making practices as well as the global contemporary language of postmodernism. These artists show how identity is both constructed and deconstructed, fixed and fluid, projected and personal.
This exhibition is the capstone project for Emily Manges ‘16, the 2015-16 Eleanor Linder Winter ’43 Endowed Intern. This Internship is a yearlong opportunity to introduce a student to post-graduate life by providing academic and practical experience in one or more areas of the Tang over the course of his or her senior year. Manges spent the fall working in the Engagement Department and the spring and summer working in the Curatorial Department.
Exhibition Name
We Will Control the Vertical
Exhibition Type
Student Curated
Group Exhibitions
Winter Gallery
Aug 20, 2016 - Dec 4, 2016
We Will Control the Vertical is curated by Emily Manges ‘16, the 2015-2016 Eleanor Winter ’43 Intern.
Marina Abramović, Diana Al-Hadid, Papo Colo, Isaac Julien, YZ Kami, Yinka Shonibare MBE, John Sonsini, Davor Vrankic, Kara Walker
Student Staff
Emily Manges
The Eleanor Linder Winter ’43 Endowed Intern, Exhibitions Assistant
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Aug 19, 2016, 5:30 PM
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