Elevator Music 17
Peter Edwards: Specter

Elevator Music 17 features a new sound- and light-based sculpture by sound artist and instrument builder Peter Edwards. Describing himself as a “self-taught electrical engineer,” Edwards’s atypical approach to electronics has lead to a unique and highly personalized outpouring of fantastical instruments. His sonic inventions — from a synthesizer kit designed to be assembled and modified by its users, to Speak and Spell electronic toys with rearranged circuitry — have been commissioned and played by a diverse set of musicians and composers. Regularly performing regionally and internationally, Edwards shares his enthusiasm and idiosyncratic talents in participatory workshops and is a frequent contributor to the D.I.Y. enthusiast magazine Make.
Edwards’s new work for the Tang called Specter will make its debut in the next installment of the museum’s Elevator Music series. Consisting of a cluster of reactive light and sound emitting orbs descending from the ceiling of the museum’s cavernous elevator, Specter responds to a soundtrack composed for the installation and sounds made by visitors. This multi-sensory spectacle will engulf visitors in a dazzling array of intricate melodies, pulsating tones and the full range of colors in the visible light spectrum.
Exhibition Name
Elevator Music 17
Peter Edwards: Specter
Exhibition Type
Solo Exhibitions
Elevator Music Series
Oct 09, 2010 - Feb 27, 2011
Elevator Music 17: Peter Edwards — Specter is organized by Head Designer and Media Specialist Patrick O'Rourke in collaboration with the artist, Peter Edwards.
Peter Edwards
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