Elevator Music 16
Maryanne Amacher: Head Rhythm 1 and Playing 2, 1999

Composer and sound installation artist, Maryanne Amacher makes works that explore the physical phenomena of sound and human auditory perception. Her immersive installations and performances examine the effects of sound generated and traveling within architectural space. Amacher also composes music that exists only in our heads. Surveying a range of psychoacoustic techniques in a practice she refers to as “Third Ear Music” these compositions investigate the internal perception of sound by creating ecstatic auditory illusions. Otoacoustic emissions, where a sound is generated within the inner ear of listeners, informs much of her work.
Featured in Elevator Music 16 is the composition Head Rhythm 1 and Plaything 2, which begins with a cycling high-pitched chirp that slowly dissolves into a droning cascade of multitimbral electronic sounds. This work involves her concept of “Third Ear Music” and can produce psychoacoustic auditory illusions in some listeners. Amacher believes that all music produces this phenomena, although it is usually experienced subliminally. Her work seeks to liberate these auditory experiences and bring them to the forefront of listening consciousness.
Exhibition Name
Elevator Music 16
Maryanne Amacher: Head Rhythm 1 and Playing 2, 1999
Exhibition Type
Solo Exhibitions
Elevator Music Series
May 14, 2010 - Sep 19, 2010
Elevator Music 16: Maryanne Amacher is organized by Patrick O’Rourke, Head Designer and Media Specialist, with Megan Hyde, Curatorial Assistant, and Shannon Thompson ’10.
Maryanne Amacher
Student Staff
Shannon Thompson
Exhibitions Assistant
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