Alumni Invitational 4

March 29 - June 15, 2014

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Installation view, Alumni Invitational 4, 2014

Alumni Invitational 4 is the fourth in a series of exhibitions that features a group of Skidmore alumni artists working at the cutting edge of contemporary art. This exhibition celebrates the vibrant creative energy of four Skidmore graduates that span fifty-years and a diverse range of mediums.

Working alone and in collaboration with her daughter Julia, Gayle Wells Mandle ’63 makes art that addresses current sociopolitical issues. Their collaborative installation Study for a Monument responds to the ever-increasing disparities between rich and poor across the globe, evoking the often-violent struggle for greater equality, fairness, and respect.

The paintings and watercolors of Grace DeGennaro ’78 explore ritual, geometry, and gnomic growth through repeated forms, serial patterns, and iconic forms like circles and diamonds. DeGennaro’s work expresses a meditative quality that offers an alternative response to the increasing frenetic pace of everyday life.

Nicole Parcher ’90 makes dynamic, loosely constructed abstract paintings that evoke natural and manufactured environments. Built on alternating tensions and harmonies between line and shape, positive and negative, pattern and areas of flat color, her works are by turns joyful, poignant, and humorous.

Artist and environmental advocate, Courtney Mattison ’08 creates works inspired by science and marine biology. Her complex ceramic sculptures of marine life celebrate the beauty of the natural world while simultaneously exposing the vulnerability of these species to climate change and pollution.

Alumni Invitational 4 is organized by Tang Assistant Director for Curatorial Affairs Rachel Seligman and supported by the Friends of the Tang.

Alumni Invitational 4 events

Tuesday, April 15, Noon Curator's Tour
Alumni Invitational 4
, with Rachel Seligman, Assistant Director for Curatorial Affairs

Saturday, June 14, 2:15 pm
Artists' Talk and Reception – Alumni Invitational 4

Curator Rachel Seligman will lead a discussion celebrating the vibrant creative energy of four Skidmore graduates that span fifty-years and a diverse range of mediums. With artists Gayle Wells Mandle ’63, Grace DeGennaro ’78, Nicole Parcher ’90, Courtney Mattison ’08. Reception to follow.

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Published: August 26th 2013