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About publications at the Tang

The Tang’s robust publication program extends the museum’s reach far beyond its walls and creates opportunities for ongoing research and learning. Through in-depth monographs, the Opener Series, faculty-curated interdisciplinary projects, and more, the Tang introduces artists and ideas to wider audiences and presents new scholarship that assert a position for these artists in the broader culture. The Tang’s exhibition catalogues re-present museum shows and are distinct works on their own. Produced in collaboration with acclaimed designers, the catalogues have earned national recognition from organizations such as American Institute of Graphic Arts and American Alliance of Museums.
Pattern by Monica Andrews '19
Inspired by the exhibition 3-D Doings: The Imagist Object in Chicago Art, 1964-1980
The Tang Pattern Project celebrates the Museum’s 20th anniversary. Organized by Head of Design Jean Tschanz-Egger, past and current Tang Design Interns created patterns inspired by the Museum’s exhibition and event history.