Amazement Park: Stan, Sara, and Johannes VanDerBeek

Amazement Park: Stan, Sara, and Johannes VanDerBeek was a yearlong project that combined the work of avant-garde filmmaker Stan VanDerBeek with the work of his children, Sara (b. 1976) and Johannes (b. 1982). Taking inspiration from Stan VanDerBeek’s dream exhibition, Amazement Park was initially presented as an experimental, studio-like gallery at the Tang Teaching Museum. The evolving nature of the project mirrors the spirit of their work, which shares common interest in recombination and collage, and ephemeral materials and architectural forms.
Tang, co-published with DelMonico Books, Prestel Publishing
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Purtill Family Business
Editors and Authors
Edited by Ian Berry; Interview with Sara and Johannes VanDerBeek by Ian Berry; Essays by Anne Ellegood, Fionn Meade, and Gloria Sutton
Ian Berry in collaboration with the artists


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