Collection Artwork
Joel Fisher (born Salem, Ohio, 1947)
color aquatint on four sheets of paper
Crown Point Press (born San Francisco, California, 1962)
Pamela F. Paulson (born 1958)
paper size: 84 x 64 in.
frame size: 89 x 67 x 2 in.
Gift in memory of Susan Sollins
Inscribed, lower left, directly below image: 5/7
Signed and dated, lower right, directly below image: J Fisher 1990
Blindstamped, lower left: Crown Point Press / Pamela F. Paulson [publisher icon]

Ongoing Research

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Tang Collective Catalog

For Tree, Joel Fisher photographed his 1987 sculpture Study for a Tree, enlarged the image until it became pixelated, and re-created the new image with over four hundred square plates of color aquatint. He matched the plates to each pixel, locking the organic form into a grid-based structure, which calls to mind digital media. Fascinated with replication, perception, and translation, Fisher invites viewers to discover for themselves the existence (or not?) of an underlying pattern.
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